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Woman Involved with 15 Boyfriends Shows Lack of Remorse

Yesterday, we heard a really upsetting story about a marriage that lasted for more than 17 years but then fell apart. It all happened because a man found out that his wife was dating more than 15 other guys.

According to a publication : The husband checked his wife’s phone and saw some things he didn’t expect. He found naked pictures and messages that were too personal. His wife, Letwina Mateke, had been chatting and sharing private messages with many different guys, and he counted at least 15 of them.

The husband still has the phone, and those other guys keep sending inappropriate messages and pictures to it. We even got to see some of the messages Letwina exchanged with these guys.

We learned from the messages that some of these guys live in Budiriro, Epworth, and other places near the capital city.

These guys say they didn’t know Letwina was married because she talked to them in a WhatsApp group for single people.

Since the day the husband found out about all this, about four days ago, he’s been having a really tough time. He talked to at least four of those guys and met some of them face-to-face. He trusted Letwina to be faithful, especially since they had been together since high school.

One of the guys said he started dating Letwina after she advertised herself in a WhatsApp group for single people.

In some of the messages, Letwina was making plans to meet some of these guys in town and Epworth. She even got thanked for spending time with them.

We feel really bad for the husband. This whole situation has been really hard for him to deal with. Letwina should feel ashamed for hurting her family like this and disrespecting the idea of marriage.

Her family must be really disappointed in her, especially since her sister tried to defend her actions.

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