Woman Loses Eye Over 50 Cents Fare, Conductor Faces Charges

Anesu Mapondera’s routine from Epworth to Harare CBD took a horror turn when she became the victim of violent assault over 50 cents bus fare. Mapondera, a passenger on the commuter omnibus, had paid her fare upon boarding, but things took a drastic turn when she attempted to disembark.

As Mapondera prepared to exit the bus, the conductor, identified as Tafadzwa Zivavo, inexplicably demanded she pay the fare again. Despite her insistence that she had already paid, Zivavo became increasingly aggressive. In a shocking turn of events, he forcibly grabbed Mapondera’s head and delivered a vicious headbutt, causing severe damage to her left eye before forcefully pushing her away.

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Mapondera wasted no time in reporting the assault to the authorities, leading to Zivavo facing charges in court for his violent actions.

In another distressing incident presented before the same court, Last Takundwa found himself embroiled in a murder case following a tumultuous altercation involving his ex-girlfriend’s new partner.

The events unfolded in the early hours of March 4 at the Big Dhara Nite Club in Glen View 4 Shopping Centre. Takundwa, along with his suspected accomplices Robson Takundwa and Justin Magedhi, clashed with Geodricks Mushonga due to Takundwa’s past relationship with Mushonga’s girlfriend.

The disagreement quickly spiraled out of control, leading to the trio forcibly removing Mushonga from the club premises to a nearby bus terminus, where they subjected him to a brutal assault. During the altercation, one of the assailants brandished a knife, inflicting multiple stab wounds on Mushonga.

Following the violent incident, the perpetrators fled the scene, prompting Takundwa’s remand in custody as legal proceedings continued under the representation of Rufaro Chonzi for the State.

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