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Women’s Democracy Network celebrates women’s month through InvestinHerCampaign

By Edward Makuzva

Women’s Democracy Network Zimbabwe (WDN) celebrates International Women’s Month by launching InvestInHer campaign towards promotion of women’s participation in governance and gender responsive policy in support to sustainable democracy worldwide.

Women’s Democracy Network Zimbabwe seeks to promote women’s participation in leadership, politics and governance processes as well as gender responsive policy making. This year’s theme is “Women Who Advocate for Equity, Diversity and inclusion.

In an interview with Campaign Coordinator , Daphne Machiri highlighted that in advocating for increased women’s political and socio-economic empowerment; WDN-ZW is running InvestnHerCampaign during the month of March.

“We ought to amplify women’s voices, action and leadership as we celebrate Women’s Power, Resilience, leadership, and Respect.

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“The Objective of the campaign is to promote women’s inclusion and participation in democratic processes; commemorate women’s month by raising public awareness on International Women’s Day on the 8th under the theme: under the theme “Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress” on WDN ZW social media platforms and to create platforms for promoting women political leaders solidarity support.

“In addition, the campaign seeks to recognize women’s achievements in political leadership facets and not only politically and also their contributions towards socioeconomic development”, Machiri explained.

Machiri added that in promoting sustainable democracy by promoting women political leaders, decision making positions and process claiming to take action to drive gender parity; women leaders and gender champions will be sharing their experience, success, challenges and their opinion during the #InvestinHerCampaign through their voices on various media platforms.

” Nonetheless WDN-ZW’s willpowers and contributions are to champion and advance women’s rights and inclusion, in addressing gender imbalance in Zimbabwe’s political leadership.

“WDN-ZW’s work fosters change in making sure there are equal opportunities for both men and women to participate in all levels of political decision making.

“We are working towards a gender equal world, a world free of partiality, stereotyping, discrimination, ferocity. A world that is inclusive, equitable and diverse. Women working towards achieving equality in leadership positions collectively and rise to stimulate inclusion in line with international women’s day theme” said the campaign coordinator.

Machiri revealed that this campaign therefore provides an opportunity to increase political will, commitment and encourage political decision makers to strive to ensure adequate space is created for women and support mechanisms are strengthened to ensure public recognition and respect of women’s rights and leadership across multiple sectors in the country; be it political, economic and social.

She added that , the WDN-ZW #InvestInHerCampaign also seeks to leverage voices on issues that affect women ‘s participation in leadership and decision making process the campaign will be an opportunity for women led organisations from various sectors to make concerted efforts in creating more opportunities for women and strive to ensure gender equality.

“It is also significant that women must have consistent representation in the political arena, and this can only happen when they have access to equal opportunities to participate in all levels of political decision making. To address this imbalance, exceptional measures must be put in place to ensure that women are fully involved in Zimbabwe and the world’s political leadership.

“More so in overcoming barriers faced by women, strengthening g women’s leadership capacities and gender responsive policy making is crucial for the development and progress of any society and key to achievement of SDG 5”, said Machiri.

“Unlocking women’s power means ensuring an enabling environment for women to assert and enjoy their rights facilitating women equal leadership and participation in democracy processes opportunities. Access to education and healthcare and the ability to make decisions that affect their lives. When women own their power; they are able to contribute significantly and sustainably to the economy, participate in politics and advocate for their rights,” she noted.

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