World Day of Prayer Women’s Group Prays for End of Genocide

World Day of Prayer Women’s Group Prays for End of Genocide

On Monday, January 15, as the Israeli genocide in Gaza entered its 100th day, the organization of churches, World Day of Prayer (WDP)-Zimbabwe joined the Palestinian Embassy in praying for Palestine.

More than 150 women and men all gathered at the embassy and cried for Palestine.

In her solidarity message Commissioner Sylvia Marowa consoled Ambassador Dr Almassri whose mother was shot dead recently by the Israelis.

“As the World Day of Prayer movement, our theme for 2024 which was submitted by the Palestinian women reads, “I beg you bear with one another in love, Ephesians 4 verses 1 to 3,” she said.

“Our sisters around the globe would like to express our deepest condolences to His Excellency Dr Tamer Almassri who lost his mother and all who have died in this war.

“We stand in solidarity with the Palestinians who have endured 100 days of war.

“We pray for peace and justice for all the people in their region.”

“This 100th day under this apartheid, 65 percent of the 24000 people who have been killed are children and women of which some were pregnant,” said Dr Almassri.

“Thousands more have been left homeless and without food or water that they are surviving on wild leaves.”

The prayer movement leaders who reported that 180 countries were also crying to God for the war to end, were looking to peace and reconciliation in Palestine. 

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