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Young Igwe rubbishes musician’s claims

Young Igwe rubbishes musician’s claims

By Peter Tinashe Kaviya

Sungura musician and Utakataka express front man Peter ‘Dhewa’ Moyo has rubbished claims by jazz artiste Chiyani Tom Dholomoni and labelled him “a liar and a fraud”.

The Young Igwe was speaking in response to Dholomoni’s sensational claims that he was the one who taught the late Tongai Moyo how to play the guitar in Mbidzo, Kwekwe.

Dholomoni, a lead vocalist for jazz outfit Cutting Edge told Showbiz last weekend the young Ingwe was a better footballer than a musician, suggesting that the young musician was not capable of leading his father’s band to dizzy heights.

“Peter cannot fit into his father’s shoes in music, maybe if he pursues soccer that’s where he does better. I don’t know much about him though,” claimed Dholomoni in statement.

The young musician however had no kind words for Dholomoni and quickly dismissed the artiste as a liar, a fraud and a desperate attention seeker claiming he had no time for such individuals.

“I don’t know this guy. The problem is people want to claim that they were friends with my father and go around saying a lot of things to gain popularity. Why is he going around commenting about other people’s lives when his own is probably in a mess? He is a liar,” fumed the young artiste.

‘’I don’t have time to comment on such people’s claims, who is he? Ngatange aita album rinonakidza kupfura rangu tozataura (he must first produce an album better than mine, then we can talk).“

The Kwekwe based musician also professed ignorance over Dholomoni’s claims that he used to rehearse at one of Tongai’s brothers houses in Mbidzo Kwekwe saying he was not aware of anyone by the name Farai in their family.

Peter however admitted that he had a passion for football said it did not suggest that he was any less passionate about music.

“I love football and I do not see why that is a problem with some people. I do play a little soccer when I get free time and this does not mean I am not a musician? Why should people make it such a fuss?“ he quipped.

“Artistes the world over have got other passions, for example you will see Jay Z playing golf or basketball during his free time, then goes back to music, even if he wins the golf match, does it mean Jay Z is a better golfer than a musician? Does it mean he is now quitting music for golf? If you ask any random person they will tell you they know me as a musician rather than a footballer, so those claims are baseless,” said Moyo.

The artiste who is billed to perform at City Sports Bar pleaded with his fans not to be distracted by Dholomoni’s claims and a promised his fans a good show come Saturdays gig in the capital.

“Our fans must not listen to these claims and as a band we are not disturbed, they must all come in their numbers at City Sports Bar and we are promising them a good show, hapana asirikuziva zvirikuita Utakataka, iattack chete (everyone knows what we are doing at Utakataka, we are going ahead,“ he said.

He also revealed to Showbiz that they had finished working on the videos for the latest offering and the release date would be announced in soon.