Youths Flock to SWAGG Church for Apostle K’s Inspiring Message

Apostle K, based in South Africa, drew a large crowd of young people to a luncheon church service hosted at the Saved With Grace and Glory (SWAGG) Church venue in Harare last Saturday.

The event was so popular that many onlookers watched from outside the packed venue, eager to catch a glimpse of the proceedings.

During his sermon, Apostle K delivered a powerful message urging the youth to take pride in themselves and steer clear of drug and substance abuse. He emphasized the importance of maintaining a positive mindset and striving for success.

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Additionally, Apostle K offered to provide pre-marital and general counseling to both parents and their children, promising transformative changes in their lives through faith.

“God’s love for the world knows no bounds, and if we embrace Christ, we will find eternal life,” Apostle K proclaimed. “Just as Jesus had disciples whom he favored, young people are cherished by God, and if we commit to following Christ, we will shine brightly among our peers.”

He continued to stress the dangers of drug abuse, urging the youth to embrace Christ’s teachings as the pathway to a fulfilling life. Drawing from his own experiences, Apostle K shared his journey from working as a gardener to embracing success through faith.

“Today’s youth must move away from destructive habits like clubbing and substance abuse,” he urged. “Instead, they should seek divine guidance and strive for excellence in all endeavors.”

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