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Zengeza Landlady Allegedly Orchestrates Fake Death to Rekindle Romance with Tenant’s Brother

Zengeza Landlady Allegedly Orchestrates Fake Death to Rekindle Romance with Tenant’s Brother

In a bizarre turn of events, a landlady in Zengeza has found herself embroiled in a scandalous plot involving faking the death of her tenant.

It has now been revealed that the motivation behind this sinister ploy was to lure back the tenant’s married brother, who also happens to be the landlady’s ex-boyfriend.

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The incident has left the community in shock and raises questions about the depths people will go to fulfill their desires.

The Initial Deception

Last week, Concilia Tabvunya and her tenant, Kenny Tore, caused quite a stir when they hatched a plan to fake Kenny’s death.

Initially, it was reported that Kenny had orchestrated this ruse to put pressure on his family to settle his outstanding rental debts, which amounted to a total of US$380 for four months’ rent. However, the true motive behind this audacious act would soon come to light.

The Sinister Motive Unveiled

After setting their plan in motion, Concilia took it upon herself to call Kenny’s brother and other relatives, informing them of Kenny’s untimely demise. Distraught and grieving, the Tore family rushed to Kenny’s residence, only to discover that he was very much alive.

This shocking revelation sparked a series of revelations that shed light on the true intentions behind the fabricated death.

A Desperate Bid for Love

During a subsequent family meeting to address the issue, Tenson, Kenny’s brother, made a startling revelation.

He alleged that Concilia had conspired to stage Kenny’s death to win him back romantically. It was revealed that Concilia and Tenson had previously been in a relationship, and she saw this elaborate ruse as an opportunity to reignite their past flame.

Financial Disputes and Unpaid Wages

In an interview with H-Metro, Kenny admitted that he had initially faked his death to pressure his brother, Tenson, into paying the US$800 he owed him for several months’ work at Tenson’s welding business.

The financial dispute between the siblings had reached a boiling point, leading Kenny to resort to extreme measures. Little did he know that Concilia, his landlady, had ulterior motives that would only complicate matters further.

Tenson disclosed:

“To be honest, I was the first to be informed of the fake death. I smelt a rat and sent someone to verify if Kenny had passed on. Upon arrival, he was told that Kenny’s body was ferried to a hospital mortuary and I circulated the death message to our in-laws, family members and mother’s relatives. 

“I was in Shamva that day but I suspected that Concilia had faked this since she was looking for me. Takambodanana tikakonana saka ndanga ndisisawanike. 

“It’s true that Kenny works for me and I failed to pay him part of his salary because he used to squander it drinking alcohol. Ndini ndaipa landlady wake rent yake pese paaibhadhara yacho saka mwedzi mitatu iyi ndipo panga takonana naConcilia. I don’t owe Kenny US$800 but US$100 only.”

Repercussions and Community Response

The revelation of Concilia’s alleged motive has left the community in disbelief. Such a drastic and manipulative act to win back an ex-lover raises serious ethical questions. The repercussions of this scandalous affair are likely to be far-reaching, affecting the relationships between the involved parties and their standing within the community.