Zimbabwe Council of Copyrights Empowers Musicians with Life-Sustaining Projects

The Zimbabwe Council of Copyrights (ZICCO) is making commendable strides in supporting upcoming musicians to ensure their financial stability beyond live performances.

The council is urging musicians to engage in life-sustaining projects, such as poultry farming, as an alternative source of income. The initiative aims to alleviate the heavy reliance on live shows, which proved to be a significant setback during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tafadzwa Masembura, the CEO of Zimbabwe Council of Copyrights, spoke to our publication about the challenges faced by musicians, particularly during the outbreak of the pandemic.

“We have witnessed the plight of musicians, especially when there are no shows,” said Masembura.

“Many upcoming musicians have been left in poverty due to the lack of performance opportunities.”

Recognising the need for sustainable income options, ZICCO has taken proactive measures to support its members.

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Currently, the council boasts around 1,000 members who are benefiting from this initiative. To kick-start their projects, approximately 150 members were recently awarded funds by the council.

Masembura emphasised the significance of these projects in providing a stable financial foundation for musicians.

“By encouraging musicians to embark on life-sustaining projects like poultry farming, we are enabling them to diversify their income sources,” he explained.

“This way, they can have a more secure livelihood even in the absence of live shows.”

In addition to empowering musicians economically, the Zimbabwe Council of Copyrights is actively collaborating with law enforcement agencies to combat piracy. By reducing piracy rates and promoting adherence to copyright laws, the council aims to safeguard the intellectual property of musicians and ensure they receive fair compensation for their work.

Masembura., said that the council’s commitment to protecting the rights of musicians.

“We are working closely with law enforcement agencies to create a conducive environment for artists to thrive,” he said.

“By discouraging piracy and advocating for the respect of copyright laws, we are fostering a sustainable music industry that benefits both musicians and consumers.”

“We are also conducting awareness campaigns to educate musicians and members of the public to desist from drug abuse.

This scourge is rampant among upcoming musicians who also form a significant part of our membership,” said Masembura.

“We are also embracing technology, such as intensive online marketing, to promote their music instead of relying solely on CD sales,” he added.

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