Zimbabwean Artists To Star In Global Showcase


Zimbabwean musicians are set to take part in a global event at the reopening of the Weltmuseum Wien in Vienna, Austria at the Hofburg Imperial Palace.

Former Iyasa members Nkwali and Future Sibanda join Insingizi’s Vusa Mkhaya, Ramadu and Blessings Nqo alongside South Africa’s Janni Younge Productions in a collaborative piece. “We are honored to represent Zimbabwe at an event of such magnitude. Abafeeeeeee” said Vusa Mkhaya. The open air show will take place on the 25th of October 2017 under the curatorship of award winning versatile artists Andre Heller.

With the global humanitarian refugee crisis raging, this event is set to connect different cultures, bring about tolerance, respect and cooperation, and a symbolic light beacon will be lit.