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Mhepo: Zimbabwean Woman Dies Shortly After Arrival in Ireland

Zimbabwean Woman Dies Shortly After Arrival in Ireland

A Zimbabwean nurse based in Ireland faced a devastating loss when her mother, Mavis Manyonga (57), collapsed just hours after arriving from Zimbabwe and subsequently passed away in the hospital.

The family had planned to celebrate Christmas together and enjoy a holiday vacation.

Mavis Manyonga arrived in Ireland on December 2, just after midday. The following morning at 11:45, tragedy struck when she collapsed, prompting immediate medical attention. Despite being placed on a life support system, it was ultimately switched off five days later.

Her daughter, Vallerie Munashe Makuwe, expressed her profound grief, stating, “I am just lost in this world at the moment; I don’t even know what is happening. My mom was in good health except for the hypertension she was diagnosed with years back. She was even managing her condition all these years.”

Munashe had last seen her mother in February of 2022 and had extended an invitation for her to visit for the Christmas holiday and birthday celebrations. Manyonga left Harare on December 1 and arrived in Ireland the following day.

Recounting the events leading up to the tragedy, Munashe shared, “Everything was normal when I went to welcome her at the airport. I bought her balloons, and it was happiness galore as we drove home to Letterkenny. That night, she complained of jet lag and asked for only a cup of hot water. I stayed with her in her bedroom until she fell asleep. I also then retired to bed in my room.”

The next morning, during Munashe’s bath, the unforeseen tragedy unfolded. “While in the shower, my mom called out, ‘Munashe! Munashe, please come down.’ I quickly dried myself, thinking that there was a fire, only to find her on the floor, and she was sweating. I removed the jersey she was putting on and asked my child to hand me my phone as I rang the paramedics. The paramedics swiftly responded because I stay in the vicinity of Letterkenny University Hospital. Three ambulances came, and the resuscitation process commenced.”

Despite the efforts of medical professionals, Manyonga’s condition deteriorated, and she tragically passed away in the hospital.

Source: Hmetro

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