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Zimbabwean Woman Escaped Death After Enduring Severe Beating

Zimbabwean Woman Escaped Death After Enduring A Severe Beating

A Zimbabwean woman, Penelope “Penny” Chadambura, narrowly escaped death after enduring a severe beating at the hands of her South African boyfriend, Luzuko Lincorn “Feleba” Funani, a former head coach of the Worcester Spurs Football Club (WSFC). The incident unfolded in front of Funani’s family and Chadambura’s mother, turning a supposed joyous New Year family dinner into a night of terror.

Chadambura, a 32-year-old beauty therapist, revealed the horrifying details of her tumultuous year-long relationship with Funani in an exclusive interview with Zimbabwe Reports. She described the relationship as a “living hell,” marked by monthly assaults fueled by alcohol and drugs.

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Chadambura stated, “He used to attack me every month after consuming alcohol and drugs. If he assaulted me, he would lock the door, and attempting to escape meant facing further brutal beatings to ensure I wouldn’t report him.”

The New Year’s night took a tragic turn when Funani began assaulting Chadambura in the car on their way home, eventually taking them back to his family in Matsila. There, in front of relatives, the brutal attack unfolded, leaving Chadambura with severe injuries and her mother with head and hand injuries sustained while trying to protect her daughter.

Despite the harrowing situation, Funani’s family reportedly did nothing to intervene, even when he brandished a knife from the kitchen cupboard. Chadambura credited her mother’s intervention for saving her life. Funani, the former Spurs striker and coach, was subsequently arrested and is currently held at Robertson Prison, awaiting his court appearance scheduled for January 17th at the Worcester Magistrate Court.

Penny’s sister expressed gratitude to Warrant Officer Mavata for her dedicated efforts in ensuring Funani’s arrest and supporting the family during this challenging time.

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