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Zimbabwe’s Ugliest Man Dies

Zimbabwe’s Ugliest Man Dies

A man who held the title of Mr. Ugly Zimbabwe, Mison Sere (51), has breathed his last.

Mison, who resided in New Mabvuku, Harare, reportedly passed away peacefully during the night of this past Sunday without any reported illness by his relatives.

Mr. Ugly lived with his grandfather, and it is said that his body was found in an undressed state, suggesting that he entered the bathroom to seek assistance.

This man was known for his controversial activities in the Mabvuku community.

Dunny Sere (56), who is Mison’s uncle, stated that they discovered his lifeless body around 11:30 PM last Sunday when they were informed by Joe Sere (30), Mison’s son, that Mr. Ugly Mison Sere was unwell. Dunny Sere returned with them to find Mison’s lifeless body in an undressed state, indicating that he sought help. They plan to raise the body at home and then inform the police.

The family claims to have a strong suspicion that their grandson was poisoned, and they reject any form of post-mortem.

“Mison Sere, Mr. Ugly, was living with me. He woke up early around 6 without eating and went to his ‘bases’ to collect some items. We do not know if he ate; we used to prepare sadza for him for two days if his mother was not around. If he continued to neglect his food, he would stop eating. I haven’t seen him sick or heard him complain,” said the family.

Mison had relatives, Norman Bepe and Dunny Sere, as his uncles.

Dunny Sere mentioned that some family members have not yet gathered to discuss funeral arrangements for Mison.

“Mr. Ugly did not have a wife but had a son, a young man we last heard was in Beitbridge. Due to the activities he engaged in, this is a loss because we don’t have any plans to bury him or any fund to facilitate the process. We are mourning deeply as we try to figure out how to bury him, considering expenses, food, and the process of burying him at Tafara Cemetery,” said Dunny Sere.

Norman Bepe (49), Mison’s younger uncle, expressed sadness over the loss.

“We heard the news that Mison Sere, Mr. Ugly, passed away in the bathroom. We say may his soul rest in peace, but the tragedy is that my son died a disgraceful death. We do not know how we will bury him, and we don’t even know where the body will come from,” said Bepe.

Those who wish to assist in Mison’s funeral arrangements can contact them at 0775 246 914.

Mison took over the title of Mr. Ugly after a fierce competition with William ‘Masvingo’ Masvinu (48), whom he defeated a few years ago.

Masvinu expressed great sorrow at the news of Mison Sere’s death. He mentioned that he will take time to mourn and also expressed condolences to Mr. Ugly sponsors because there is no title to compete for in the wake of Mison’s passing.

Masvinu also noted that others who want to participate in competitions should focus on displaying their unique attributes rather than engaging in negative publicity and speaking ill of each other.


Source: Kwayedza

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