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Breaking: Madam Boss Targets Rivals in Ongoing Controversy

Madam Boss, Socialite and entrepreneur  has instructed her legal representatives to demand an apology in response to claims that have cast a negative light on her recently opened junior school, Madam Boss Kidz Corner. The controversy arose when one of their competitors, Olive Tree Infant Academy, initiated legal action against Madam Boss Kids Corner’s administrator, Jane Kasu. Kasu resigned from her position, alleging that she took trade secrets, teaching methods, and clients to Madam Boss’s school.

Olive Tree Infant Academy filed a lawsuit against Kasu, seeking US$50,000 in damages, making allegations that Madam Boss contends have damaged her reputation and business. Madam Boss has deemed the lawsuit a “smokescreen” designed to impede the momentum and hinder the rise of Madam Boss Kidz Corner.

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In a letter issued through her lawyer, Admire Rubaya, and addressed to Olive Tree Infant Academy’s legal representatives, Mundia and Mudhara, Madam Boss described the allegations as malicious and aimed at tarnishing her image as a socialite and businesswoman. She demanded an apology and a retraction of the claims within 48 hours, threatening legal action.

Madam Boss argued that the claims by Olive Tree Infant Academy were driven by jealousy and malice, insulting her creative mind. She asserted that her school had developed its own educational identity and had no need to imitate or borrow from competitors.

Madam Boss denied allegations of copying Olive Tree Infant Academy or accessing their client database through the employment of their former employee. She highlighted that Kasu had the right to associate with whomever she pleased, and attempts to prevent her from doing so displayed monopolistic arrogance and a lack of understanding of healthy competition.

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