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Bezbets Fraud Trial Begins

Today marked the beginning of the fraud trial involving a betting company called Bezbets. The trial opened with the person who filed the complaint stating that they were cheated out of their money after winning a bet.

Bezbets is accused of defrauding a customer of $5,200 that they had won from a game. The customer explained to Harare Magistrate Mr. Simon Kandiero that Bezbets changed the rules after realizing they had won the bet. They said Bezbets deleted their account and offered them $1,800, which they refused since they had actually won $5,400.

The customer also mentioned that Bezbets accused them of fraud to cover up the situation, but this accusation was not pursued by the prosecution.

They claimed they had been betting with Bezbet for almost two years, often losing large sums of money. However, when they won a bet on October 26, 2023, Bezbets refused to pay them. The customer argued that there was no rule on Bezbets’ system stating that $50 was the maximum bet, as their system allowed bets of up to $10,000.

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They also said Bezbets introduced the $50 maximum bet rule verbally after realizing they had won.

The trial will continue next Monday with Detective Muri as a witness.

Bezbet is represented by its manager, Robson Chinamasa, who pleaded not guilty to the fraud charges when initially appearing in court.

According to the prosecution, on October 26, the complainant placed a bet of $394 on the Bezbets online platform. The platform promised them a potential win of $5,400 if they won the bet. However, after winning, Bezbets refused to pay and offered them $1,800 instead.

Bezbets is being represented by Brighton Pabwe from Venturas and Samkange Legal Practitioners.

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