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Second Chance Denied: High Court Demands Tougher Sentence for Rapist Teen

High Court judge Justice Munamato Mutevedzi has ordered the resentencing of a teenage boy who was spared jail after being convicted of raping a five-year-old girl.

The 17-year-old rapist took advantage of the absence of the girl’s parents sometime in August last year to commit the crime.

He pleaded guilty, was convicted, and sentenced to five years, which were wholly suspended on condition he does not commit another crime of a sexual nature. Justice Mutevedzi said the trial magistrate was wrong not to impose a jail term after convicting the teenager.

He said the rape was committed in aggravating circumstances.

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“It is on that aspect that I respectfully hold a different opinion. My conviction is that it is not possible for an offender of whatever age, convicted of rape not to go to prison under the current law. “Put bluntly, it is wrong for a magistrate to convict anyone (including children) of rape and spare them imprisonment.

“That seemingly incomprehensible conclusion stems from the rule of law that it is not permissible to suspend the whole or a portion of a minimum mandatory sentence,” ruled Justice Mutevedzi.

He said the conviction was in accordance with substantial justice, but the sentencing was irregular. He said the magistrate should have sentenced the teenager to a minimum of 15 years considering the age of the person raped and the degree of force used.

“In this case, for instance, the victim of the rape was five years old.

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