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Jam session re-ignition tonight……

Tonight the popular Jam session at City Sports Bar roars back into life by public demand after  an unforeseeable technical fault forced the session to end prematurely Monday night.The decorated line up of artistes pitting Harare vs Bulawayo were geared to strut their stuff on stage and those who performed last night put up electrifying performances before a record bumper crowd for a Monday gig.

The energetic Sister Kessia performed around 8 pm and paved way for Oliver Mtukudzi protege Mbeu and the band. Mbeu is a product of the Pakare Paye baked outfit Tsvete. Their stage coordination and deportment was on point Jeys Marabini could be spotted enjoying the set.Tonight the same line up is expected to reignite the Jam Session which has proved to be one of the biggest midweek crowd-pullers in the capital.The organisers immediately issued a statement last night.”

The jam session tonight has been disturbed by a power failure  that was beyond our control,that even affected the alternative source of power (generator) .We really appreciate the cooperation of the artists and audience. We are reigniting it tonight, Jam session is on Tues 26 July.

By public demand” read the statement. Showbiz spoke to Lady Storm who said she was ready to put up a grand performance even though she will face off veterans like Sandra Ndebele.”I am ready to put up my best performance tomorrow (tonight) and I have been rehearsing.My band is not moved or deterred by the power cut .My fans know that I always  satisfy their needs , ” said Storm who is part of the line up.