Let Them Trust Empowers Villagers

Lorraine Muwuya 

Let Them Trust a child oriented educational and cultural organization in partnership with Agora, an initiative that empowers women through services, donated reusable sanitary ware to 33 young girls from Gutsa Village in Domboshawa. The starter pack included a bucket, five reusable pads, washing soap and vinegar for disinfecting. 

The director of the trust Chido Musasiwa, Agora vice president Shingai Nyoka and treasurer Pearl Muller took time to educate the young girls hygienic ways to wash and use the pads. 

It was a moment of joy for the girls. Coming from financially poor backgrounds where sanitary ware is very expensive and unaffordable. The initiative was well received by the elders from the village.

There are cases where young girls fail to go to school during their menstrual cycle due to lack of resources. Some are forced to use fabric material instead of pads. 

The organization felt it was just not enough to donate the sanitary pads to the young girls but also to empower and capacitate the women from the local village in bee- keeping training.

Twenty women of different ages who were trained are hoping to start a community project that will financially benefit them. This will also help in preservation of the environment whilst making use of the Let Them Village space. The organization is currently raising funds to finish building the Let Them Village.

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