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MA LANDLADY MANYAMA: Gogo Marere Earns Dubious Title Of “Landlady Of The Year”

MA LANDLADY MANYAMA: Gogo Marere Earns Dubious Title Of “Landlady Of The Year”

A woman known as Gogo Marere, or Mai Vuso, has reportedly gained notoriety as the most weird landlady in Avondale West, Harare. Tenants who have rented from her apartment shared their experiences in the Facebook group “Harare Rooms for Rent,” a platform for individuals seeking rental accommodations.

Despite being 76 years old, Gogo Marere’s behavior has made her tenants uneasy. A participant in the group, using the username “Mukoma Gwenzi,” revealed that Gogo Marere engages in inappropriate behavior, sitting near the gate and staring provocatively when a male tenant enters. In a cautionary post, Mukoma Gwenzi advised fellow tenants against renting from Gogo Marere.


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In another post, an anonymous user shared that Gogo Marere warned tenants against getting pregnant while residing in her house, imposing her own rules on cohabitation. The discontent with her behavior is evident, with an anonymous user describing her as abusive. Allegedly, she intrudes into couples’ bedrooms, brandishing a Bible while discussing sexual education with vulgar language.


Further revelations from an anonymous user suggest that Gogo Marere exhibits strange behavior during conversations with male tenants, often touching her genital area.


Meanwhile, another anonymous user brought attention to another landlady named “Mai Gody” in Avondale West near Suffolk, promising to reveal more about her cunning and malevolent behavior.


The discussions in the Facebook group indicate growing dissatisfaction with the conduct of certain landladies in the area.


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