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Man Assaults Wife To Death Over Missing US$250

Man Assaults Wife To Death Over Missing US$250

A man from Mambo Nhema in Shurugwi allegedly assaulted his wife, resulting in her untimely death, as he reportedly demanded missing US$250 from her.

Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko, a police spokesperson in the Midlands region, revealed that the victim’s body was discovered in their residence, showing signs of abuse consistent with being struck by a blunt object.

The deceased was found in their home by a 14-year-old girl attending school on the 1st of December.

“We have a case under investigation involving a man who allegedly assaulted his wife to death in Village 8, Dlemiti, in the Mambo Nhema area of Shurugwi. The victim’s body was discovered by her 14-year-old daughter, who attends school,” explained Insp Mahoko.

The daughter, who lived with her grandmother, noticed something amiss upon entering their shared residence. Upon opening the bedroom, she discovered the lifeless body of her aunt, Runyararo Midzi.

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The crime scene showed evidence of severe injuries to the victim’s limbs and hands, suggesting she had been assaulted with a blunt object. The girl reported the incident to the police at Tongogara ZRP.

“Upon reporting the case to the police, it was discovered that the deceased had been abused by her husband. The husband has been identified as Lonyaka Mulambi (43), and he was apprehended by the police on the 2nd of November, where he was found lying in a bush with a bottle of beer,” added Insp Mahoko.

It is alleged that the motive for the assault was the victim’s failure to provide the demanded US$250. The police are actively investigating the case.

In a separate incident on November 1, a man named Ernest Moyo was assaulted by a group of men at Zvibobvu Shopping Centre in Silobela. The attackers inflicted severe injuries on Moyo, who later succumbed to his injuries at Silobela District Hospital.

Insp Mahoko emphasized the need for open communication and collaboration between community members and law enforcement to address and prevent incidents of violence.


Source: Kwayedza

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