Man drags wife to court after he caught her three times cheating

A BUDIRIRO man dragged his estranged wife to court after caught her three times for cheating.

He has now dragged her to court alleging she has been stalking and verbally, and physically, abusing him.

The couple is on separation.

Hmetro writes, Mike Shavarira approached the Harare Civil Court seeking a protection order against his estranged wife Onita.

Shavarira said: “I caught my wife three times cheating”.

“Upon realising that our marriage was beyond repair she gave me conditions and listed the property she wanted after divorce.

“She then went to our rural areas and took all the building materials and groundnuts, which were meant for business.

“After our separation, l had to move to Mabvuku and l left them at our matrimonial home in Budiriro.”

He claims the drama still continued.

“She followed me and started throwing stones at me and she handed me a knife telling me to stab her or she would kill me with an axe.

“She is failing to accept that our marriage ended long ago.

“She threatened to come to my workplace and embarrass me in front of my superiors.”

In defence Onita said:

“The main reason we are fighting is because Mike is failing to maintain his children.

“He has been sending us 4 000, through Eccocash, which is not enough to take care of our two children, including rent and food, as well as clothing.

“Before our separation, we went to my paternal home to seek guidance, but he assaulted me at my parents house.

“He then tried to send me away from our matrimonial home and he also threw my property out. He also hurls insults at me calling me a prostitute.”

Magistrate Sharon Mashavire granted the application order. The respondent was ordered to maintain peace at all times and not to abuse Shavarira.

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