Man in ‘Hot Soup’ for promising to marry ‘muriwo’ worker

LolA SELF-CONFESSED commercial sex worker wants compensation for the time she claims was wasted in a seven-month relationship with a married man.

It could not be established last night how much she wants as compensation.

She claims the man had promised to marry her before their relationship collapsed.

But, since she abandoned her role as a sex commercial worker because of the promises she received from her lover, she claims he must pay for the revenue she lost during their time together.

The Hatcliffe-based woman, Vimbai Bertha, said she was told to quit the world’s oldest profession and clubbing to start a family.

She thought she had finally found love and abandoned her old ways.

The 31-year-old fell in love with Deserve Mugore, who promised to marry her.

He allegedly began settling her bills in June last year.

H-Metro is in possession of videos and pictures in which the love birds were having good times.

Deserve would not stay at the house permanently, because of he is married, but kept settling the bills.

Vimbai feels she was used and her time was wasted by Deserve.

“I could have moved on with my life. Maybe, dai nditori pari nani because he promised to look after me.

“He forced me out of work since I was into commercial sex work.

“We met at Sunridge Shops along Harare Drive, and he has been paying my bills since June last year, and only dumped me after a confrontation over a certain girl.

“He promised to take care of me and mafirst days aibhadhara kusvika azoti I had to stop clubbing akuda zvekuita mhuri neni,” she said.

Vimbai claims she didn’t know his marital status.

“Little did I know he was married and also had another mistress waari kulojera just like me.

“I discovered it last week after ndatora number dzaingofona asingadaire ndikataura nemusikana wacho, that’s how I came to know ane mukadzi.

“I confronted him pa App achiramba, claiming vakarambana nemunhu iyeye.”

Contacted for comment, Deserve threatened some action.

“Which allegations are these and which police station was the case reported at?

“My lawyer will come to that station and we meet ku court.

“Let her go and report to the police then totangira ipapo because no one is above the law, especially in Zim.

Kana ane evidence nazvo let justice take its course.

“I think ndikutaura nemunhu mukuru. I said if she has evidence of what she is claiming no problem that video is nothing to me because already it was seen,” he said.

Added Deserve: “You are lucky ndikudaira ask her zvandakamuudza totangira ipapo. Kana ane evidence nazvo let justice take its course.

“Do your duties professionally. Carry on then totangira ipapo, chete, ndakamuudza wani and I am not threatening her at all,” he said.


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