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Former Police Commissioner and Wife Arrested for Kidnapping in Gweru

A startling incident in Gweru has led to the arrest of Mekia Tanyanyiwa, a retired police commissioner, and his wife, Sakhile Tanyanyiwa, following accusations of kidnapping. The saga unfolded as Sakhile, a 34-year-old student at Midlands State University, allegedly orchestrated the abduction of a two-month-old baby girl, Benice Jasi.

According to police memo 105/24, the harrowing ordeal began when Loreen Hungwe, the baby’s mother, encountered Sakhile at Gweru Provincial Hospital while seeking her daughter’s birth record. Sakhile, driving a Toyota Aqua, offered to provide Hungwe with a ride into town after her hospital visit.

Trusting Sakhile’s offer, Hungwe accepted the lift, unaware of the sinister plot unfolding. Little did she know, two other women were present in the vehicle, one of whom held what appeared to be a newborn baby.

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Upon reaching South View, Sakhile abruptly drove off with Benice still inside the car, leaving Hungwe distraught and seeking help. With the assistance of a vigilant bystander who recorded the vehicle’s registration number, Hungwe quickly reported the abduction to Gweru Central Police Station.

A subsequent investigation revealed that the vehicle belonged to Glandina Nhamo of Harare, who had sold it to Nobert Chiwara, a car dealer in Kuwadzana. Chiwara, in turn, had sold the vehicle to Mekia Tanyanyiwa on July 22, 2023.

Mekia Tanyanyiwa, intercepted by authorities en route from Harare to Gweru with the baby, implicated Sakhile in the crime. He claimed that Sakhile had been in possession of the Toyota Aqua and alleged that an unidentified woman had driven the vehicle to Harare before disappearing.

Hungwe positively identified Benice and her belongings at CID Gweru, bringing some relief amid the tumultuous ordeal. The baby underwent a medical examination at Gweru Provincial Hospital and was deemed to be in stable condition.

Sakhile, summoned to CID Gweru, implicated her friend, Soneni Nyoni, as the individual entrusted with the vehicle during Sakhile’s absence.

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