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Royalty heads home

Royalty heads home

By Mtandazo Dube

Fans of reggae royalty, Morgan Heritage (pictured) , pressed panic buttons a fortnight ago when Kenya announced it had cancelled the reggae band’s performance in that country.

A few other countries followed suit.

This meant the whole African tour was in jeopardy as promoters in Africa often take advantage of a band or top artiste’s tours in nearby countries to reduce costs, especially those to do with airfares. As the uncertainty swirled around the concert as has been the case – a record five times before – The Sunday Mail Leisure sought clarification from the organisers. The promotions company behind the legendary Jamaican reggae outfit’s first ever tour of Zimbabwe, 2 Kings Entertainment, were quick to quell the fears.

“We were prepared even for them to spend weeks in Zimbabwe just to make sure that this show goes ahead,” said Dee Nosh, one of the organisers.

“This thing of postponing and cancelling Morgan Heritage shows has gone on long enough and it is high time we put a stop to it. For the reputation of the country and for those planning to bring them in future, we will ensure this gig goes ahead,” he said.

The massive 15-piece band arrives in three batches starting this Wednesday.

This story first appeared in The Sunday Mail.

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