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Security Guard Implicated In US$238,000 Epworth Heist 

Security Guard Implicated In US$238,000 Epworth Heist 

In a shocking turn of events, a security guard is implicated as an accomplice in a US$238,000 heist at Online Logistics Sunway City Industrial Area in Epworth, Harare. Owen Muteeri (28) has been accused of collaborating with a gang of four robbers who stole a substantial amount of money from the company.

Muteeri, who appeared in court before Harare magistrate Donald Ndirowei, is alleged to have worked with unidentified accomplices to break into the offices he was responsible for guarding. The robbers targeted the managing director’s office, where they successfully breached a safe and made off with the substantial sum.

Reports suggest that Muteeri received a US$5,000 token from the robbers, which he was instructed to bury in a maize field approximately 800 meters from the crime scene. Following his arrest, Muteeri led law enforcement to the concealed money, resulting in the recovery of US$2,700.

During the court appearance, Muteeri made a false report claiming he had been attacked by a four-man armed gang. The State alleges that Muteeri’s actions were a deliberate attempt to mislead investigators.

The magistrate remanded Muteeri in custody pending a bail application. The other members of the robbery gang are reportedly still at large.

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