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Seh Calaz Blessed With GLE350d 4matic

Seh Calaz Blessed With GLE350d 4matic

Zimdancehall chanter, Seh Calaz found himself in possession of a brand new GLE350d 4matic courtesy of Wicknell Chivayo, following his plea on social media. Wicknell, in a public acknowledgment, expressed satisfaction with Seh Calaz’s explanation and extended his acceptance of the apology.

The narrative took a turn when Wicknell, initially intending to bestow a new car upon Seh Calaz, had a change of heart due to Seh Calaz’s remarks about ZANU PF. This decision was shared on Wicknell’s social media platforms, where he mentioned Seh Calaz as one of the recipients of the generous gesture. However, Seh Calaz responded at length, explaining his lifelong allegiance to ZANU PF.

Seh Calaz Blessed With GLE350d 4matic
Seh Calaz Blessed With GLE350d 4matic Image via Meta @Sir Wicknell

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This response sparked a heated debate on various social media platforms, with many criticizing Seh Calaz for what they perceived as excessive pleading. Despite the backlash, Seh Calaz remained patient and steadfast, providing evidence of his support for ZANU PF through his music and photos donning ZANU PF regalia.

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Ultimately, Seh Calaz’s patience and humility prevailed, as he now finds himself blessed with a new set of wheels. This tale serves as a reminder that humility and perseverance can indeed yield great rewards.

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