Six Guinea Fans Lose Lives in Celebration of AFCON Victory

Six Guinea Fans Lose Lives in Celebration of AFCON Victory

Six fans in Guinea tragically lost their lives while celebrating the national team’s victory over Gambia at the Africa Cup of Nations. The Syli National secured a 1-0 win in the second Group C encounter in Ivory Coast on Friday night, triggering exuberant celebrations in Guinea’s capital, Conakry

The fervor led to unfortunate incidents, with three individuals losing their lives in a high-speed collision between two vehicles. Additional casualties resulted from injuries sustained during the jubilant festivities. Feguifoot media manager Amadou Makadji emphasized the need for measured celebrations to prevent such tragic outcomes.

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Makadji stated, “What is important is that our fans and the public celebrate in a very measured fashion. They have to be very careful to not put themselves in danger because the goal of football is to bring joy and not leave families bereaved.”

Guinea, known for its passionate football culture, currently holds the second position in AFCON Group C with four points, trailing leaders and defending champions Senegal by two points. The teams are set to face each other on Tuesday as Syli National aims to progress to the knockout stages.

The unfortunate incidents serve as a poignant reminder to balance celebration with caution, ensuring that the joy of football remains untarnished by avoidable tragedies. BBC Sport Africa.

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