Strictly Health Measures for Independence Day Commemorations

Strict public health measures will be enforced during the upcoming Independence Day celebrations in Murambinda, Manicaland province, next month to prevent the spread of cholera.

Health officials have recommended replacing on-site food preparation with pre-packaged meals provided by private companies as a key measure to mitigate the risk of a cholera outbreak associated with large gatherings and inadequate sanitation.

Preparations for the festivities have progressed smoothly, with approximately 55 percent of the groundwork completed. The Independence Day celebrations are scheduled to take place at Murambinda B High School, Buhera, on April 18, aligning with the Government’s initiative to decentralize major national programs and events.

Over 70,000 people are expected to attend the celebrations, with Murambinda A Primary School hosting the children’s party on April 17.

Speaking to The Sunday Mail, Manicaland Provincial Affairs and Devolution Minister Advocate Misheck Mugadza expressed satisfaction with the progress, highlighting the completion of approximately 10 kilometers of the Birchenough-Murambinda Road and ongoing turf laying on the new football pitch.

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The authorities have mobilized around 100 buses for transportation to the festivities, with Minister Mugadza expressing the need for ideally 400 buses. Private companies will be engaged to provide packed meals as cooking will not be allowed based on health officials’ advice.

Minister Mugadza expressed confidence in meeting all targets if work progresses as planned, acknowledging the substantial cooperation from various stakeholders, including local authorities, government departments, agencies, corporate entities, and individuals.

Critical utilities such as water and electricity are already available at the venue, with preventive measures and health safety protocols, including borehole sinking and toilet installation, implemented despite the decline in cholera cases in the province.

The Independence Day Gala will feature performances by several musicians, including Alick Macheso and Suluman Chimbetu, while a football match between Dynamos and Highlanders will add to the entertainment lineup


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