Wolves Player Restricted from Training Due to Clash with Chirewa.

Tawanda Chirewa became the focal point of an altercation with senior team defender Jonny Otto during a Compton Park training session.

Sources indicate that the clash ensued when Otto, visibly frustrated by a challenge from Chirewa, threw an elbow at the young prospect.

The situation escalated with Otto spitting at a coach who intervened to separate them in the lead-up to the Arsenal game.

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Despite the intensity, Chirewa emerged unscathed, displaying resilience by completing the training session without injuries. The incident underscored on-field tensions, highlighting the competitive nature of professional football.

Otto’s reaction persisted beyond the initial clash, as he expressed frustration in the dressing room, reportedly smashing a TV and damaging a table.

This showcased the extent of his emotional response to the situation.

In response to the altercation, the club has taken decisive action, banning Otto from the training ground as a clear consequence for his involvement.

Wolves defender Jonny Otto swung an elbow towards under-21s forward Tawanda Chirewa and damaged items in the players’ room in the incident that led to him being exiled from the first team.

The former Spain international also spat at a member of the coaching staff who tried to drag him away from the clash with Chirewa during a training session at Compton Park.

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Additionally, it has been disclosed that the 29-year-old former Spanish international will face further consequences.

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