What United Women in Music Are Up To During Easter

By Tsitsi Ndabambi

The sacred and holy Easter holiday is a time to make money for all in the entertainment industry. Unfortunately for them this year because of the lockdown everyone has to spend it in the comfort of their homes. Speaking to the lady artists who are also members of United Women in Music via text messaging they shared with Showbiz 263 what they will be up to and also shared a few wisdom nuggets on self-care during the lockdown.

For gospel musician Amanda Sagonda who normally leads people into the holy of holies at church has to minister only to her family. “This Easter I just want to say that hanging on a rope is not falling to the ground. Yes we’re stressed about this virus but there’s a greater being, Jehovah God who has the solution He hears our prayers. Let us maintain all prevention steps to beat this virus. God bless us all.”

Chioneso “ Remember Christ died to save us and rose again on the third day. We shall rise above this Covid-19 pandemic. Let us exercise hygiene and stay at home. I am spending quality time with my children learning new cooking skills and instruments.”

D-Blok Keislim “This holiday I will be working on a few projects as usual. To all the people out there do not let this virus get you down or force you to give up. Through everything there is a silver lining, hang in there we will be alright.”

Wanai and the Blue Band  “Please let us share the precious Easter moments and days with our families and loved ones at home. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, may we all avoid going at public places and maintain cleanliness and avoid touching our face and eyes with our hand at all times.  #stayathomestaysafe

 Nasibo “This Easter holiday I will be spending time quarantined with my family. This is an opportunity for me to explore and learn more on the mbira instrument. Being locked down is for a greater good of our society and also a chance to spend more time as families. We are definitely sanitizing, washing our hands and exercising total hygiene and I expect the world to do the same too.”

Alice Chinya “This is going to be a different Easter holiday of all time. Although we are not able to attend the Easter Mass/ Service it has given me a privilege to reflect more on the meaning of Easter in my life. Reflecting on how I have been living my life and my relationship with God. So we have planned to spend it as the heads of our home with my husband to focus on the word of the God according to the situation the world is facing.  Everything happens for a reason, with the pandemic looming the face of the earth it gives us more reason to focus our faith in God. Do not be afraid trust in the Lord He is in control “Takawanirwa nyasha.”

Pindurai aka Lady Vicious “After taking all precautions during lockdown, let’s remember that some of us are starving. Share with those in need and your neighbors. Pray for protection and for the sick during these times. Keep the faith, God is in control.”

 Queen Ritanash “To those who are afraid of the Corona virus, time is of no essence if you keep your mind positive, look at the positive picture and understand that family is everything, when all our jobs and friends are taken away all we really have is family. We will need to value our family after this more than we do our careers and realize that they are the real reason we have careers and thus the actual center of our happiness. No matter your situation, someone has it way worse than you, so be thankful for the grace that has been afforded us.”

Chido Murinda “I will be doing a spiritual reflection and celebrating my birthday, a time for thanksgiving with family. To everyone out there do your part practicing recommended hygienic & preventative measures and let God do the rest.”

Haruna “Wishing everyone happy Easter Holidays, though it would be different this year, spending it indoors, but I feel it will make us more close to our families. I will spend my Easter indoors because it is the safest thing to do right now. Will do all the prayers home and spend more time with my lovely family and also try making some Easter eggs. To fellow Zimbabweans please look after yourselves and your loved ones, only you can prevent yourself from catching the Corona virus.”

Mamoe Vee “Is not obedience better than sacrifice? Brethren let us protect ourselves and our loved ones by taking all measures given to fight the deadly Corona Virus, together we can conquer. #wearetogetherinthis”

Lioness “Covid-19 is our enemy but easy to defeat and prevent. Just stay indoors, sanitize or wash your hands thoroughly with soap and please practice social distancing as required. Also stop spreading fake news, together we can overcome this pandemic.”