Young people claiming spaces

By Lorraine Muwuya

Vibrant communities can only be reclaimed and rebuild by young visionaries who want to see and live the change they want

Mannex Motsi a musician,actor,entrepreneur and chairman of arts and culture under his organisation Warren Park Arts & Kulture Development Association since 2009 with the wisdom of the community and help from the local authorities has started reclaiming and rebuilding the long forgotten and deserted tennis and basket ball courts in Warren Park 1.

Motsi who is currently the Marketing and publicity and resource mobilisation Officer for Warren Park Sports And Recreation committee has managed to source donations in kind to make the dream come true.

Every small step and right decision at the right time makes a difference. The project not only aims to bring sports to the community but sense of belonging and ownership.

During an interview the Reggae star he shared that the project to go country wide focusing on promoting African Self awareness,self esteem and self sustainance and growing it together with the theme to rebuild and maintain sports facilities around the country so communities have their space to develop and support their own talented individuals on a local level.

Due to Covid 19 it has and is still difficult as an artist to make an income. Motsi is appealing to the members of the community nationally and internationally to support the initiative in cash and kind