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Beitbridge Taxi Driver “Attackers” Sentenced To 108 Years In Prison

Beitbridge Taxi Driver “Attackers” Sentenced To 108 Years In Prison

Three robbers from Beitbridge, known for attacking taxi drivers, have been given a total of 108 years in prison.

The robbers, Tichaona Dave (26) and Bill Tirihama (27), were found guilty of four charges of robbery each, resulting in a combined 48 years in jail.

However, the court conditionally suspended 8 years from each sentence for five years, making their effective sentence 40 years. Their accomplice, John Allan Nyoni (21), received a 12-year prison term for involvement in one robbery.

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These robbers would hire taxis and then threaten and rob the drivers, especially in the Khwalu suburb.

According to Chronicle, the crimes happened between December 2022 and January last year. They used knives during the attacks and stole items like vehicles, phones, and money.

The court heard that they targeted various taxi drivers, threatening them with knives before taking their belongings.

The stolen cars were used as getaway vehicles and later left in hidden places in the border town.

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police arrested them in Harare in September last year while they were driving one of the stolen cars.

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