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Belvedere Woman Living With Two Husbands In One Room

Belvedere Woman Living With Two Husbands In One Room

In a surprising twist that seems straight out of a soap opera, Moreblessing Nhema (25), a housemaid from Belvedere, has sparked neighborhood chatter by cohabiting with two men whom she refers to as her “husbands.”

Moreblessing has been in a longstanding relationship with a married man named Stephen, who eventually moved in with her and her other “husband,” Beven Nyamoto, sharing a single room.

The peculiar living arrangement prompted Moreblessing’s cousin, Zvikomborero Mudzinge, to seek alternative accommodation. Both Moreblessing and Zvikomborero’s mothers are sisters.

Zvikomborero expressed his bewilderment, suggesting that Moreblessing may have used unconventional means to convince her husband to accept her married lover into their shared household. He said, “My sister could have charmed her husband because she managed to convince him to accommodate her married lover at the same house.”

The situation escalated to the point where Zvikomborero decided to find alternative accommodation after confronting his sister. “She must have used a strong charm on her husband, or maybe it’s because he is not working,” he remarked.

However, both Moreblessing and Nyamoto dismissed the speculations. They claimed that Stephen is merely a relative facing financial difficulties who sought refuge with them.

Nyamoto clarified, “I have been staying with Stephen for the past two weeks. He has been working as a garden boy for our neighbor and is like my young brother.”

Despite rumors in the neighborhood, Nyamoto asserted that Stephen is not Moreblessing’s lover. He explained, “My wife’s brother is the one spreading falsehoods that his sister is living with two husbands.”

When H-Metro visited their residence, Stephen was busy serving clients at the tuckshop while Nyamoto and Moreblessing were together. Nyamoto added, “He is helping us in the tuckshop, and I cannot do that when my young brother is there,” insisting that Stephen sleeps in the tuckshop.

Stephen, however, clarified his position, stating, “I am living here because I was not being paid where I worked. It’s just a rumor circulating in the neighborhood that I am Moreblessing’s lover.”

Moreblessing addressed the accusations, asserting, “I do not have two husbands as alleged. My brother is the one fighting me because he is against me accommodating my husband’s relatives.”

She further explained that Stephen is her husband’s young brother, and tensions with Zvikomborero have led her to involve the police.

“I have been to the police over Zvikomborero’s behavior, and he is now forcing me to take action for spreading falsehoods about me,” Moreblessing concluded.

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