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Bulawayo Couple Accused Of Fraud, Flees While On Bail

Bulawayo Couple Accused Of Fraud Flees, While On Bail

A couple from Bulawayo, alleged to have defrauded residents of over US$100,000 over 12 months, is on the run after violating their bail conditions.

Melusi Ndlovu and his wife, Gwendoline Ndlovu, who were initially arrested at the start of 2023 and later released on bail, are now facing additional charges.

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According to Bulawayo provincial police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube, the public is urged to report any information on the couple’s whereabouts to the nearest police station.

The couple purported to be agents of an undisclosed company assisting people in securing jobs, work permits, and processing travel documents for those intending to work in Canada and the United Kingdom between 2022 and last year.

“The complainants paid fractions of the total amounts charged, which were US$4,000, and payment plans were arranged between them and the accused,” Inspector Ncube stated.

Upon realizing they had been deceived, the complainants discovered that the couple had vacated their office without notice. The pair became evasive when pressured by the complainants, resulting in their arrest on 3 May last year after one complainant alerted the police.

In total, 37 complainants suffered a combined prejudice of US$99,751.

Anyone with information leading to the couple’s arrest is urged to contact Detective Assistant Inspector Ngwenya or report to any nearby police station.

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