Call for Artists to Join Legal Aid

Legal 24/7 Aid Society is offering legal cover to artist in all genres in Zimbabwe. Its sole purpose to the artists is to impart knowledge about legal systems governing the artist industry in Zimbabwe and to help engage and assist in the following:

  • Contracts drafting, review and negotiation
  • Copyright, trademark and patents
  • Rights clearance and fair use
  • Corporate and general business matters
  • Defamation, dispute resolution and litigation
  • Rights of privacy and publicity
  • Landlord-tenant matters
  • Employment

“By joining this cover the artist will receive ultimate cushion for all legal matters for as little as $8 per month. Good news is that the cover will extend to personal issues such as registration of companies, civil law, criminal law, eviction & family law. It is indeed a smart move to have a legal aid,” said Legal 24/7 Aid Society representative Winfilda Vimbai.