Chiwanza eyes $4m Barclays property

Chiwanza eyes $4m Barclays property
Barely a year after hosting rhumba maestro Kofi Olomide at his Pomona mansion, businessman and Affirmative Action Group (AAG) president, Chamu Chiwanza has done it again!
This time he is not hosting an international celeb but he has joined property moguls like South Africa’s Kenny Kunene who splash millions of greenbacks on high rising buildings.
The tall, lanky businessman is reported to be on the verge of acquiring a $4 million building in Harare’s central business district.
The flamboyant businessman leads a consortium of businessmen who have set their eyes on buying Dolphin House, a 10 floor skyscraper valued at around $4m.
Showbiz hooked up with Chiwanza and he confirmed expressing his interest but was not at liberty to divulge much information fearing it might jeorpodise his pending acquisition.
“At this point in time we have expressed our interest to Barclays Bank who are the current owners of the building and George Guvamatanga (Barclays boss) has acknowledged receipt. I can’t say more at this juncture until conclusion,” said Chiwanza.
According to the Financial Gazzete Barclays managing director, George Guvamatanga, confirmed the sale.
“It is now outside our core business and with the move from brick and mortar to digital and electronic channels, we no-longer require the building,” he was qouted as saying.
Chiwanza is also known for hosting stars like D J Sbu and rubbing shoulders with Hollywood Stars like Terrence Howard.