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City Health Chief Admits Struggle In Clearing Street Vendors Amid Cholera Concerns

City Health Chief Admits Struggle in Clearing Street Vendors Amid Cholera Concerns

Harare City Council’s Director of Health, Dr. Prosper Chonzi, acknowledges the challenges in effectively removing street vendors, especially amidst the current cholera outbreak.

Recognizing the severity of the situation for both Harare and its residents, Dr. Chonzi welcomes the government’s efforts to address the cholera outbreak through the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) program.

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Dr. Chonzi emphasizes the need for a collective approach to shift the public’s mindset regarding street food.

He points out that purchasing food from unauthorized vendors contributes to the spread of cholera and typhoid.

Despite economic challenges and an ongoing struggle to regulate street vending, Dr. Chonzi expresses dissatisfaction with the current situation.

He calls for a significant change in public perception, urging people to understand the health risks associated with buying food from unregulated sources.

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Acknowledging the existing difficulties, Dr. Chonzi appeals to the general public to reconsider their approach to street food consumption, emphasizing the potential health consequences.

While admitting shortcomings in addressing the issue, he advocates for a collaborative effort to work towards a solution.

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