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Civil Servants Advocate for Salary Review

Civil Servants Advocate for Salary Review

Civil servants representatives have written to government demanding an upward review of their salaries, arguing taxation of the US$ component of their monthly income introduced this month had eroded their pay.

The government, with effect from this month, converted civil servants’ US$300 Covid-19 monthly allowance into regular pay, thereby making it subject to taxation.

That, civil servants representatives argued in their letter to government, had eroded the income levels of their members, warranting an upward review of salaries in the public service.

The push is being led by the Zimbabwe Confederation of Public Sector Workers Union (ZCPSTU), which says there is an outcry among its members over the tax on the US$ pay.

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“While ZCPSTU appreciates the noble gesture by the employer to make the US$300 the salary, there is however an outcry from all public sector employees regarding the new salary structure. It is the workers’ experience that the deductions on the USD have left them with inadequate disposable income constituting unfair labour practice on the part of the employer. It is a trite labour principle that an employee’s salary shall not be subject to reduction for any reason,” union chairperson, Cecillia Alexander said.

“In light of the above, ZCPSTU expects the employer to restore the workers’ take home to more than US$300 without compromising the principle of USD as the salary.” But the government has said only half of the US$ pay was taxed, implying it felt the impact was minimal.

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