Controversial Cleric Jay Israel Exposes Scandal: Sihle Sibisi Accused of Blackmailing Religious Leaders!

Controversial Zimbabwean cleric Jay Israel has produced what he claims to be explicit evidence against Sihle Sibisi, a South African woman featured in the BBC documentary on TB Joshua.

Israel alleges that Sibisi has a history of seducing religious leaders and engaging in blackmail.

The documentary titled “DISCIPLES: The Cult of TB Joshua” has generated significant controversy since its release, with accusations emerging that Sibisi may have been paid to fabricate her accounts of abuse during her time at TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN).

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Israel took to Facebook to make the allegations, sharing a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation purportedly between himself and Sibisi.

In the conversation, Sibisi allegedly requests a threesome involving Israel and his friend Dr. Khehlelez, along with engaging in explicit activities.

Israel claims that Sibisi has a pattern of seducing and blackmailing religious figures, even seeking his assistance in connecting her with pastors or prophets.

“I always provide evidence. Sihle Sibisi is a master of seducing and blackmailing men of God, sending explicit pictures to lure them. Despite close interactions, she begged me to take her to Nigeria to meet Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyn to lure and blackmail him, but knowing her behaviour of seducing servants of God I rejected that proposition immediately because I have much respect for the prophet. She also sought for a threesome as shown below with others, like my friend Dr. Khehlelezi, which we dismissed. Sihle has been begging to sleep with me to a point of saying if I can’t have her then I must hook her up with close men of God to myself because she enjoys sleeping with men of God,” Jay Israel wrote.

Jay Israel claims to have explicit material of Sihle attempting to seduce him. He claims that she went to TB Joshua’s church to give herself for sexual purposes but became bitter and disappointed when the renowned Nigerian prophet did not fall into temptation.

In a challenge to Sihle, Israel calls on her to publicly deny the allegations and retract her statements about TB Joshua, threatening to release video evidence if she fails to comply.

“I possess explicit material from Sihle, showcasing her attempts to entice me. Messages, voice notes, and more support her alleged activities as someone who seduces men of God. I challenge her to deny these claims publicly. If she asserts the truth of her statements about TB Joshua, I will release substantial evidence in video format. Sihle’s main agenda of going to Nigeria SCOAN was to give herself for sexual purposes to the late prophet TBJoshua but those attempts went unnoticed hence her bitterness and lies,” Jay Israel added.

Israel concludes his statement by accusing the BBC of bribery, claiming that Sihle and others were paid to lie about Prophet TB Joshua.

“Sihle is deemed a chronic liar 2. BBC News, you are a discredit to journalism. Sihle confided in me about this whole BBC ordeal and told me that she was paid by the BBC NEWS to come out lying about Prophet TB Joshua. I have other people who were approached by the same people but turned them down. Sihle, reveal the truth and cease your deception. I will keep pressing where it hurts until you acknowledge the facts and speak the truth,” Jay Israel concluded.



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