Cristiano Ronaldo Suffers Injury During China Tour

Cristiano Ronaldo has publicly apologized after sustaining an injury that led to the cancellation of Al-Nassr’s pre-season tour in China.

“As you know, in football, some things you cannot control. I have played 22 years in football and I am a player that doesn’t have too many injuries. So I’m really sad because Al-Nassr and myself have come to China to enjoy the tour. I have been coming to China since 2003/2004, so I feel at home here – my second home. I felt that I am always special here. I feel sad. I know you are sad too, especially the people who love Cristiano Ronaldo, but we have to see this in a good way.

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“We have not cancelled the game, we want to push for the game and be back here. We will be back. Unfortunately, I have some problem, but this is part of football and my life. I’m here, I’m with the fans, I’m with the Chinese people, and we are going to continue here.

We can see outside the people that are with us. We are sad because we knew this could happen. We will be back to make the Chinese people happy; this is my goal. I want to play for you. Don’t be sad because I am sad, and I hope you understand the circumstances of a football player.”

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