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Bezbets Trial Update: Detective Confirms Company Misled Complainant in Fraud Case

Bezbets Trial Update: Detective Confirms Company Misled Complainant in Fraud Case

In the ongoing fraud trial involving Bezbets, the investigating officer, Detective Walter Muri, informed the court today that the company did, in fact, mislead the complainant. Bezbets is currently facing allegations of defrauding a client who had won US$5,200 through a game.

Detective Muri presented evidence to the court, stating that there is a ticket confirming the complainant’s successful bet and the owed amount of US$5,400. He emphasized that the misrepresentation occurred when Bezbets’ system falsely indicated that the punter would win US$5,400 after placing the bet.

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During his testimony, Detective Muri mentioned that there was no indication in the Bezbets system that bets exceeding US$50 were not allowed. The State concluded its case after Detective Muri’s testimony, and now the magistrate, Mr. Simon Kandiero, is expected to deliver the ruling on February 12.

The trial commenced last week, with the complainant asserting that he was defrauded after winning a bet. According to him, Bezbets altered its rules upon realizing his victory, eventually deleting his account and offering only US$1,800 instead of the rightful US$5,400.

The punter also informed the court that Bezbets, in an attempt to cover up the wrongdoing, filed a countercharge of fraud against him, which was rejected during vetting.

The complainant contended that he had been placing bets exceeding US$50 for almost two years without any issues. However, Bezbets allegedly introduced the US$50 maximum stake rule verbally after he won.

Bezbets is being represented by its manager, Robson Chinamasa, who pleaded not guilty on behalf of the company when initially appearing before Mr. Kandiero. The prosecution, led by Mr. Thomas Chanakira, alleged that on October 26, the complainant placed a bet on the Bezbets online platform with a stake of US$394. Despite winning, the company refused to pay the full amount and proposed only US$1,800.

Bezbets is being legally represented by Brighton Pabwe from Venturas and Samkange Legal Practitioners.

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