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EFF Reportedly Rescues Zahara’s Home With R100,000 Payment

EFF Reportedly Rescues Zahara’s Home With R100,000 Payment

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), South Africa’s opposition party, has allegedly contributed R100,000 to prevent the auction of the late Zahara’s house by her bank during a period of financial distress. Zahara, an Afro-soul icon, recently passed away after battling a liver ailment.

Last year, Zahara disclosed her financial challenges, revealing that her Roodepoort home was at risk of being auctioned by Nedbank. The bank had obtained a court order permitting the property’s auction, scheduled for May 7, 2022, due to Zahara’s default on monthly instalments of R17,665.

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Bank records, disclosed by Sunday World, indicate that the EFF settled the singer’s arrears on February 4. Zahara, moved by the gesture, expressed her gratitude to the nation without disclosing the identity of her benefactors.

Opening up about her financial struggles, Zahara shared, “This tore me apart at first, which is why I spoke about it. I felt like I could have knocked on so many doors but they were closed. But I knew that there would be someone out there who could listen and understand. All the R50 notes, R100, and R1,000 I got helped me.”

Despite initial skepticism from her family when she sought public donations, Zahara remained steadfast, stating, “My family thought people would not care and thought I would be laughed at. But I told them rather that than to open my legs for money.

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