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Family Demands Lobola for Late 16 Year Old Yeukai

Controversy Surrounds Funeral as Family Demands Lobola Payment for Late Yeukai Dandara's Grave

Murehwa| The burial of the late Yeukai Dandara, a 16-year-old girl, took an unexpected turn as her uncle, Stanford Dandara, insisted that Tatenda Zhanje, the alleged perpetrator and former partner of Yeukai, should pay lobola for her grave.

This demand has sparked controversy and intensified discussions about the tragic circumstances surrounding Yeukai’s death and the alleged rape she endured.


In Zimbabwean tradition, it is customary for a husband to pay lobola, or bride price, when marrying a woman.

However, in this unique case, the family believes that due to the mysterious circumstances of Yeukai’s passing, Zhanje should still fulfill this obligation, even though their union was never blessed.

Yeukai’s untimely demise has been a topic of concern throughout the community.

Allegations of rape and an unacknowledged marriage have fueled public outrage.

It is reported that Yeukai died shortly after giving birth to twins, adding further anguish to her tragic story.

Stanford Dandara, the grieving uncle, expressed his opposition to the relationship between Yeukai and Zhanje, stating, “I never blessed their union, I was against it, and we were never consulted on any bride price by the Zhanjes.”

According to Hmetro , Dandara emphasized that the family would wait and see if Zhanje would take responsibility for the death of their young relative by compensating them accordingly.

With a tone of uncertainty, Dandara speculated on the future, saying, “We just take our child and hide them; they will decide what to do next. I wonder if they will come to get married.”

These words reflect the family’s skepticism about Zhanje’s commitment and their desire for justice.

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