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“Finally… Something the People You Aŕe Thieving From Will Actually Benefit From, ” As Passion Java Donates Ambulances

“Finally… Something the People You Aŕe Thieving From Will Actually Benefit From, ” As Passion Java Donates Ambulances

In an ongoing development, controversial businessman and self-proclaimed prophet, Passion Java, along with his wife Lily Java, have recently donated IVECO ambulances to aid the community in Chitungwiza. The ambulances bear labels indicating they are donations from the Passion Java and Lily Java Foundations. A recent video showcased the arrival of two donated ambulances.

Zimbabwean socialites have expressed gratitude for the philanthropic gesture extended by the Java family. Olinda Chapel Nkomo took to social media to convey her appreciation, stating, “Well done Passion Java, thank you for the ambulances; we appreciate them.”

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Similarly, another social media personality, Mai Titi, shared the news on her timeline, emphasizing, “Prophet Passion Java to donate ambulances in Chitungwiza.” The announcement garnered positive reactions from numerous netizens who lauded the Java family’s efforts, especially amidst the challenges facing Zimbabwe’s healthcare sector, marked by shortages of medicines, equipment, and ambulances.

However, the donation of ambulances by Passion Java has been drawing comparisons to businessman Wicknell Chivayo, particularly in light of Chivayo’s recent practice of gifting artists with brand new cars. Many have voiced their concerns, suggesting that Chivayo could have made a more substantial impact by directing his efforts towards improving healthcare infrastructure. With numerous hospitals across the country facing critical shortages of medicines and resources, there’s a growing sentiment that supporting healthcare initiatives could have a more significant and immediate effect on people’s lives.


“You can say that again, pakatengwa mabenz na brother vaya, pple complained abt our healthy sector, paita atenga zvehutano zvacho vanhu vakupopota.


Even though we know The real Mbinga Wicknel’s money is not clean somehow, let’s also praise him for making these selfish so called fake Mbinga realise that they are not rich, they have been inflicting us and bragging by only buying clothes (Gucci).. He should have bought those ambulance way before the real Mbinga Sir Whichinero was gifting everyone. Java tanga tamzwa naye nekutivhairira nehembe nekungokwira ndege…


“Finally… something the people you aŕe thieving from will actually benefit from.


“Visited a friend kuPare 2dys ago. 4 Pple died in the ward within the hr l was there.”


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