Fortune Chasi Under Corruption Investigation

Former Energy and Power Development Minister Fortune Chasi is under investigation by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission on allegations of bribery.

This comes at a time when Chasi was recently relieved of his duties following revelations that he has been working closely with two businessmen to resuscitate their failed projects while he received kick backs to push the projects through cabinet.

Sorces close to the matter said Chasi was on ZACC radar and in a bid to cripple President Mnangagwa’s administration he was now working with G40 in discrediting every company, whether local or international, that deals with government.

“Chasi is under investigation by ZACC and from developments of last night it shows he approached Professor Jonathan Moyo as a way of diverting attention from his ills in the Ministry of Energy and Power Development. Very soon he will be in trouble.

“The reason why Chasi is doing all this is because he knows he is on ZACC radar following shaddy deals with businessman Wicknell Chivayo and Farai Jere..
He has been given kickbacks involving thousands of dollars and thats why he has gone to every paper trying to keep the Gwanda solar project afloat. Who doesn’t know that the Gwanda solar project has failed in the past years but surprisingly, Chasi has tried to resuscitate the deal.” said the source.

Any company dealing with the current government is being branded corrupt.
Jonathan Moyo yesterday took to twitter claiming that Chasi was fired for trying to reverse a deal in which “Mnangagwa and SB Moyo stole USD 1,2 billion disguised as a state loan from SOTIC INTERNATIONAL fronted by Kuda Tagwirei. The theft was structured by SB, using NOIC assets as mortgages.”
Sources said the explanation by Jonathan Moyo did not add up and showed he is on a mission.
“This is a well coordinated attack on President Mnangagwa, Zanu-PF and its benefactors who have always stood by government in these difficult times,” said the source.
“Look at the character pushing the agenda its non other than Jonathan Moyo and who is feeding him all those falsehoods? It is Fortune Chasi,” said a source.

It has also emerged that Chasi is working with G40 proponents who include Professor Jonathan Moyo in his efforts to discredit President Mnangagwa’s government.

“But let me assure you that no matter how clever he wants to be this idea of trying to play victim will never work because he is facing arrest and it will be soon before he is locked,” said the source.
The source said to show that Jonathan Moyo was on a dangerous smear campaign it did not make sense that USD 1.2 billion could be moved in the country without the knowledge of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.
“We are being told that USD 1.2 billion is brought into the country and stolen by the same people alleged to have brought it into the country. If there is logic in whatever they are saying then the money should have first been deposited into a NOIC account before being transferred to private entities. NOIC accounts are there for everyone to verify and see that no such amount entered NOIC account..
In any case no such big amounts can be moved without the involvement of the RBZ.How did those transaction take place for sure. This is just nonsensical and doesn’t make sense.”

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