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Government Tightens Oversight on Small-Scale Mining Operations

The government is intensifying its scrutiny of small-scale mining operations to monitor, prevent, and manage environmentally harmful practices. This move follows the collaboration between the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development, the Ministry of Home Affairs, and the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Climate to address unsafe and unregulated mining activities.

Despite their significant contribution to the economy, small-scale miners often operate without adherence to proper regulations, leading to widespread environmental degradation. Finding sustainable solutions to manage mining areas, especially those involving small-scale miners, is crucial to ensure the sector’s continued support for the economy.

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Deputy Minister of Mines and Mining Development, Dr. Polite Kambamura, recently acknowledged the problem of unsafe and unsecured mining practices. He emphasized the need for collaboration between ministries to address these issues effectively.

The proliferation of small-scale mining activities, particularly gold and chrome mining, has resulted in deforestation, water pollution, and soil erosion. The use of harmful chemicals like mercury and cyanide in the extraction process further exacerbates environmental hazards, posing serious health risks to nearby communities and wildlife.

Efforts to address these environmental challenges have been hindered by inadequate enforcement of existing regulations and limited resources for monitoring and oversight. However, the government is taking steps to curb these practices.

The meeting resulted in several resolutions, including enhanced compliance checks, stricter enforcement of regulations, and stiffer penalties for violators. Additionally, plans are underway to empower local communities to report unsafe mining practices through a proposed Statutory Instrument (SI).

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