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Husband’s Investigations Expose Wife’s Workplace Affair

Husband’s Investigations Expose Wife’s Workplace Affair

A marriage in Harare has fallen apart after allegations emerged that a woman engaged in an extramarital affair, involving intimate encounters, with her supposed “work husband.”

The incident came to light through a report by H-Metro, which detailed the relationship between Patricia Ganga, a tollgate cashier, and Macdonald Mukosera, her husband of nine years.

According to the report, Macdonald has accused Patricia of carrying on a romantic relationship with her coworker, Derrick Chihoma.

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The situation escalated to the point where a physical altercation occurred involving Macdonald, Patricia, and her brothers, Tapiwa and Richard Ganga.

In response, Tapiwa and Richard defended their sister and accused Macdonald of assaulting her.

Macdonald alleges that his wife had been involved with Derrick for a duration of six months and that they even rented a house in Ruwa to conduct their clandestine activities. He expressed his grievances, stating:

“My wife has been involved with Derrick for the past six months. Patricia would pretend to work double shifts in order to spend quality time with Derrick at a rented room near her parents’ house. After exposing this illicit affair and their secret hideaway, her brothers sided with their sister and attacked me, leading to the incident being reported at Ruwa Police Station. Patricia had deceived me into believing that she was sleeping at the Goromonzi tollgate where she works, but instead, she would go to meet Derrick.”

Macdonald further revealed that he had grown suspicious due to Patricia frequently claiming double shifts at work, prompting him to investigate and uncover their misconduct. Subsequently, Patricia gathered her belongings and left the marital home. Macdonald reiterated:

“She deceived me into believing that she was sleeping at the Goromonzi tollgate where she works, but instead, she would go to meet Derrick.”

Responses from the Accused “Work Couple”

Despite Macdonald’s allegations, both Patricia and Derrick vehemently deny any romantic involvement, asserting that they are solely colleagues at work.

In response to the situation, Patricia pleaded, “I do not want this story published in newspapers, please. It’s a private matter concerning our family and does not concern others. Excuse me,” before abruptly ending the call.

Derrick shed light on the strained dynamics at play and expressed concerns about Patricia potentially facing abuse, stating:

“I work with Patricia, and I believe she might have been a victim of abuse for some time now, as her husband is excessively possessive and prone to violence. He confronted me, accusing me of being involved with Patricia, but the truth is that we are only colleagues. Her husband has a volatile temper and is capable of mistreating someone to the extent that Patricia finds herself in this unfortunate situation.”

Reportedly, Macdonald has initiated legal action, seeking damages for adultery and an assault case against Tapiwa and Richard. Meanwhile, Patricia has taken the matter to court, lodging a domestic violence case.

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