Jah Prayzah conscripts his mentor into 3G band

A student is not above his teacher!

And the biblical allusion is of great significance to Zimbabwean giant musician Jah Prayzah who recently admitted as much as he is doing good in his career, he would be nothing if he didn’t listen to the teachings of his Mbira tutor Tafadzwa Musimbe.

To honour his teachings and a fruitful relationship that spans over two decades, Jah Prayzah humbled himself and gave Musimbe his flowers while he is still alive and can still smell them, by conscripting him into his 3G band.

Musimbe has since started playing alongside 3G Band backing Jah Prayzah and his first on-camera experience is on Bvumbamira and Dzamutsana, songs that were released on YouTube last week as unplugged live sessions.

Jah Prayzah said he was thankful to God for making him establish a fruitful relationship with Musimbe.

“To say thank you with words only is not enough. I don’t have enough words to describe how I feel today and for the rest of the days we will share together. Thank you so much Musimbe for being patient and grooming my talent to be a polished diamond like I am today.

“You are the reason why I found my soul resonating with the Mbira. Your teachings were pure to me and today ndiri gwenyambira wemandiriri (I am the best at playing Mbira).

“May the hand of God be extended to you and receive all the blessings you deserve. Today I say God has united us forever after 20 years of meeting and knowing each other. Welcome to the 3G band,” said Jah Prayzah in a moving welcome speech.

Jah Prayzah’s manager Keen Mushapaidze said it was the right time for Musimbe to be given the praise he deserves and honour while he can still cherish it.

“The relationship of the two has stood the test of time and it’s fruitful. It can’t be taken away that for Jah Prayzah to be the gem he is today, Musimbe is one person who played a vital role in moulding and polishing JP’s craft to be smooth as it is today.

“Last year, JP approached his mentor to join the 3G Band and he agreed. Even though he has been involved in many JP’s projects in the background, Musimbe was finally introduced as part of the band on the Bvumbamira and Dzamutsana live sessions.

“He comes with a lot of experience to the band and with the respect that he commands in the local music scene, other members are tipped to learn a lot from this experienced down to earth man,” said Mushapaidze.