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Kamambo Former ZIFA President’s Bribery Trial Nears Verdict

The lengthy bribery trial involving former ZIFA president, Felton Kamambo, concluded with the verdict scheduled for March 4. Initiated in August 2020, Kamambo presented his defense yesterday, arguing that the State’s charge was flawed and aimed at tarnishing his reputation.

He contended that the State had not clearly identified the principal agents involved in the election, making it challenging for him to mount a proper defense. Kamambo highlighted inconsistencies in the State’s portrayal of the principals, citing confusion regarding their identities.

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Kamambo asserted that the funds distributed were reimbursement rather than inducements for votes, emphasizing that ZIFA was not obligated to pay attendees at the campaign meeting, unlike at a ZIFA congress.

However, prosecutor Michael Reza countered, suggesting that Kamambo’s financial contributions were intended to influence voters. The prosecution is set to submit closing arguments on February 16, with Kamambo’s defense to follow on February 26.

During the trial, witness Robert Matoka faced arrest after being labeled a hostile witness for retracting his statement and affidavit, accusing businessman Phillip Chiyangwa of fabricating the bribery allegations against Kamambo.

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