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Ken Sharpe Elevating Harare’s Property Market to New Heights

In a bold move set to reshape Harare’s urban landscape, Ken Sharpe, the CEO of WestProp Holdings Ltd, has unveiled an ambitious blueprint aimed at revolutionizing the city’s property market and redefining residential living.

Amidst a backdrop of significant growth and transformation within Zimbabwe’s real estate industry over the past five years, Sharpe’s vision stands as a beacon of optimism.

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He highlights the remarkable expansion experienced by the Harare property market, attributing it to factors such as increasing urbanization, a burgeoning middle class, and a rise in manufacturing output.

This surge has not only attracted local investors but also garnered attention from international players, opening up a myriad of opportunities across residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

Central to WestProp’s groundbreaking strategy is the concept of lifestyle communities designed to promote social interaction and communal living.

Sharpe underscores the importance of integrating cultural values into these developments, aiming to foster a sense of community in shared spaces rather than isolating residents within their homes.

A key innovation spearheaded by WestProp is the embrace of mixed-use developments, departing from the traditional single-use projects. Sharpe argues that this approach optimizes land usage, particularly crucial in light of limited land banks, while also contributing to urban regeneration and community revitalization efforts.

Speaking on the collaboration with the City of Harare, Sharpe highlights the transformation of Warren Hills Golf Course into a PGA-standard facility, branded as The Hills Lifestyle Estate.

This venture not only promises to enhance recreational amenities but also introduces premium residential offerings, complemented by a 5-star hotel, providing residents with exceptional views amidst lush greenery.

WestProp’s current portfolio includes projects like Millennium Heights Luxury Apartments, Pomona City, and Pokugara Residential Estate and Townhouses, each meticulously designed to offer residents a fusion of modern amenities and eco-friendly features within close proximity to essential facilities.

Sharpe’s long-term vision for WestProp is ambitious: “Put 1 billion bricks into the ground by 2050,” with all projects centered in Harare. This resolute commitment underscores the company’s dedication to revitalizing the city’s property market and contributing to its economic growth trajectory.

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