Legal Experts Describe Buyanga’s Ruling as Unfortunate

Staff Reporter

Frank Buyanga’s urgent application against the ruling that compelled him to return his son Alexander Sadiqi to his former spouse was described by legal experts as unfortunate.

Experts who spoke to this publication on condition of anonymit said the state had no valid reasons to dismiss the application.

“The state’s reasons to dismiss the case were weak and not sufficient. I think there is more to this issue that we need to know. This remain a civil matter but it is being twisted to a criminal matter,” a Harare based lawyer said.

Some said the state did not have sufficient base to dismiss the application.

“The judge said there was no urgency on the matter yet the state once asked the applicant to bring back the child in 24 hours. That alone shows the urgency of the matter. There was no need for them to dismiss it like that,” others said.

There has been revelations that the maverick businessman was being victimised on political grounds.

He has been one of the few targets who are said to be aligned to a certain faction in Zanu PF.

Sources close to the developments said Ms Muteswa could be used to weaken the businessman who is aligned to a certain faction in the ruling party.

“His case is now complicated because it is being used to settle political scores. The twists and turns are clear that it has been an orchestrated game,” the source said.

Recently the businessman’s lawyers said the issues was being reduced to political.

A recent statement prepared by his South African attorney William Wilcock, Buyanga claims that his failure to get help from authorities after his estranged girlfriend Chantelle Muteswa had kidnapped the boy on March 11, 2020 from a police station has shown how much they (authorities) are captured in the matter.